The Facts Don't Lie

By Cedrick

LaFleur Leadership Tip of the Day: The Facts Don’t Lie Recently, my team used a third-party research panel to survey adults about retirement. We wanted to know how much people are saving, how they feel about retirement, which age group is most prepared, and much more. And we’re learning a lot about the state of retirement in the U.S., including who seeks out information on retirement education. Here’s what the study found: * Nearly 40% of upper-income workers (those who make $75,000 or more) have consulted a financial advisor, compared to 10% of lower-income employees (those who make less than $25,000). * Thirty-six percent (36%) of upper-income employees have read books on retirement, compared to 11% of lower-income workers. * Thirty-six percent (36%) of upper-income employees look online to find more information about retirement. On the flip side, just 22% of lower-income workers do the same. Do you see a pattern? I do! Upper-income workers spend a lot more time learning about retirement than people who make less money. That’s a problem. People with lower incomes face enough challenges in saving for retirement without adding a lack of knowledge to the mix!