Cedrick LaFleur is a motivational and empowering Senior Executive with more than 30 years of success across the healthcare and sports industries. Leveraging extensive experience in global marketing and sales management for customer focused organizations. His broad areas of expertise include sales operations, sales effectiveness, marketing strategy, market development, new product launch, clinical laboratory management, and leadership enhancement.

Throughout his executive career, Cedrick has held leadership positions at organizations including LaFleur Leadership Institute, Abbott Laboratories, and CyFair Texans Basketball. In his current role as Founder and CEO of LaFleur Leadership Institute, Cedrick has created a successful company which delivers workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, and coaching for individuals and companies focused on leadership development. 

OUR WHY: We exist to help your organization grow best-in-class leaders, to help improve your teams sales performance, to accelerate your market momentum and to ensure your team deliver outstanding customer experiences.

OUR HOW: We utilize interactive, participatory and lecture training environments to ensure concept retention. In addition, we conduct pre and post assessments in measuring effective implementation and outcomes.

OUR WHAT: We coach, we train and we teach your team how to connect, inspire and add value to others using John Maxwell leadership principles. We give your team tools to help reinforce effective leadership behavior.

Concurrently employed as Regional Sales Manager, Houston Market with Abbott Laboratories, Cedrick leads a team of eight sales professionals in the sales management of the company’s largest product line with a value in excess of $30M. He has consistently achieved recognition for performance and sales excellence during his tenure with the organization. He has served for 21 years in multiple positions for Abbott, including Technical Specialist, Key Account Rep, Global Marketing Product Manager and IDN Manager.

Cedrick attained his BA in Organizational Management from Warner Southern College and his AS in Laboratory Science from Eastern Florida State College. He served as a Medical Technologist for 7.5 years with the US Air Force and is a certified American Medical Technologist. Cedrick also holds certifications as a Trainer, Teacher, Coach, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. In addition, he is currently an Executive Director with John Maxwell Team. As an experienced board member and thought leader, Cedrick held positions with Washington Marion HS Alumni Inc, President of Lake Charles Education Collaboration Inc, and former Vice Chairman of the Board for Greater Houston Prep Sports Academy Inc. Cedrick was named “Man of the Year” in 2015 by Holman Street Baptist Church. 

/ Our Mission

Value Prop: We provide your team with John Maxwell Leadership principles and strategies to become exceptional leaders. We believe if we are intentional about Leadership Development, we will empower you to be the best leader you can be. 

In addition, we believe If your leader/employee is successful in their personal financial management they will be more productive in the workplace. We provide financial coaching in the areas of debt free living and wealth building using Dave Ramsey principles. 

TreKessa LaFleur

Teen Mentor/Coach
My name is TreKessa LaFleur. I prefer to go by TK. I am a business systems analyst for a healthcare administrative company. I am responsible for configuring our system to match clients’ requirement specifications, in which their employees are able to view and enroll in healthcare benefits. I am also responsible for resolving any system issues that may arise, as well as, ongoing processing and the sending of files with all the employees’ indicative information. Basketball has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. I had a very successful career that allowed me to travel and compete at the highest levels. Playing basketball has prepared me for a professional career off the court. My work ethic, drive and passion all translate over to my new life. I learned from sports that what you put in, you get out. I learned how to work with a team and how to be a leader, for both my teammates and myself. You have to be dedicated and motivated to be successful. Any shortcomings were lessons learned and all success made the shortcomings worth it.  One very transferable lesson I learned from playing basketball was how to work smarter. This translated over very well to my current job as I deal a lot with computers and various systems. Once I was able to understand how the system worked, I was able to program the system to do many tasks automatically. By automating many of my daily tasks that freed my time up to take on new projects and continue to grow my skills and knowledge. The more I learn and grow, the more responsibility I am given and that increases my marketability. I am now not a one trick pony, but an employee that can do various things in a timely manner and optimize my time, the companies’ time, and most importantly the companies’ money. Outside of work, I shoot archery; crossfit is my workout method of choice, reading, and watching movies. Even though I don’t play basketball any longer, staying current with sports, both college and professional, is still important to me. My brother, Patrick, is really the one that pushed me to pursue a different way to be competitive now that my basketball career is completed. He played football since a young age and after his college career was over, he picked up soccer and loves it. I credit him for my newfound desire to shoot and become competitive with archery. I graduated from TCU with my Bachelor of Science degree in 2010.  My parents are very supportive and engage in many activities of their own. My mother, Tammie, is very active in her sorority, while my father, Cedrick, is very active in his church and the community, both in Houston and across state lines.
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